1/72 Bandai Tie Fighter

After recently completing Tamiya’s 1/32 P-51 I decided to shift gears into something else with a much slower pace. I elected to try out one of the Bandai Star Wars kits. Being a fervent supporter of the Empire, I decided to go with the iconic Tie Fighter.

The kit was great, although by only complaint was that it being snap together, there wasn’t often a chance to test fit before gluing (I opted to glue my model together for strength). To be brutally honest I put a lot more effort into this model than I should have, it was a cheap kit and meant to be a cooldown build before I started my next project (Which is underway right now :)). By opting to glue, paint, and weather the thing it made the build a bit more complicated and time consuming. I know that some people may mention the bands on the wings (I don’t know the exact terminology). They were simply put there to add color and contrast, I am aware that they should normally be Red and be on a Tie Interceptor, However I added them because I thought they looked badass. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t mistake my choice of words however, the kit was a blast to build, and the finished product looks great IMO. I would recommend this kid (any any star wars bandai kit by extension) to modelers with any skill set.



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