*Work in Progress (Part 1)* Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I S33

I recently decided to return to the world of armor. Having never built a Tiger I before I opted to finally get it off my bucket list. I wanted to represent Tiger S33 from the Das Reich division (2nd SS Panzer Division) which fought around the Kursk region in 1943.

I chose this Tiger because I liked the camouflage scheme and it is a fairly popular tiger with several photos of it online.

When It came to choosing  a kit I needed a Early variant with some modifications, the most notable one was the removal of the Feifel air filters. I chose Tamiya’s Early kit because it was cheap and I wanted to add a lot of aftermarket parts to it, and because it was the correct variant.  Speaking of aftermarket parts, I am adding Eduards general Photo etched set for the Tamiya kit as well as: Fruilmodel tracks, an RB model metal barrel, and 2 meter antenna. I have also ordered a Alliance modelworks metal template for the markings so no decals have to be used.

Here’s what I’ve done so far, unfortunately I don’t have any of the AM parts yet so my progress is slightly hampered. the grey in the mantlet is Mr. Surfacer, it is meant to represent stippling. I also had to filling quite of the holes as I won’t be needing a majority of them.

More photos to come soon!


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