Taisan Starcard Porsche 911 (Part 1)

Since my Tiger’s parts are taking so long to arrive, I’ve decided to move on to another project. The tiger is still the priority to get finished by the end of September (when I hope to enter it into a IPMS competition) but in the meantime I will be working on a new model. Tamiya’s 1996 Taisan Starcard Porsche 911.


The kit is over 20 years old and it’s age is apparent. It was cheap though and I won’t be adding any aftermarket improvements so there won’t be any extra detail.

What the build will focus on is finishing and enhancing my skills with the airbrush. The car will have a glossy black paint scheme so polishing will be paramount. here’s some photos of the box contents and what I’ve completed so far.

So far the rear suspension is complete, and painted. The exhaust was first hand painted silver and then lightly misted gold with the airbrush. The body was lightly sanded then shot with primer I will put the first coat of black on tonight or tomorrow.

More to come



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