*Work in Progress (Part 5)* Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I S33

Last update until primer and paint goes on! just 1 or 2 things left to add/fix. I decided to post an update to show what the model looks like with all the aftermarket pieces added. one of my favorite details is the fire extinguisher it really enhances the detail of the model to another level.

Many of the tools are not glued down, as I didn’t want them getting in the way of the weathering and I wanted to be able to paint them with greater precision. There are a few details I added that were not included in the kit or PE sets. One of which is the wires for the headlights, as well as the tow cables. I made them by taking three pieces of soldering wire, attach one end to a vice and the other to a dremel tool, I think it looks ok but I could have used smaller wire.

Thats all for now! Paint is imminent, I have a big project coming that needs to be finished by the end of September (for a competition) so I hope to start working on it around August!



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