Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I S33 Complete

After starting in July, I have finally completed Tiger S33. After nearly a month of no work getting done in June (due to parts not arriving) The Tiger is complete. Aftermarket parts used included Fruilmodel metal tracks, RB models metal barrel and 2m Aerial, As well as Eduard Phototech. The model weighs a pretty significant amount due to all the metal!

After priming in black I finished it in pretty standard brown and green camoflauge, Tamiya Acrylics were used.

For weathering I clear coated the model, did a dot filter, clear coated again, and used AK interactive’s Streaking grime product. It worked pretty great although I would caution anyone who wants to used it to make sure they work quickly and not allow it to dry on the model.

I finished with testors dull coat


*Work in Progress (Part 5)* Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I S33

Last update until primer and paint goes on! just 1 or 2 things left to add/fix. I decided to post an update to show what the model looks like with all the aftermarket pieces added. one of my favorite details is the fire extinguisher it really enhances the detail of the model to another level.

Many of the tools are not glued down, as I didn’t want them getting in the way of the weathering and I wanted to be able to paint them with greater precision. There are a few details I added that were not included in the kit or PE sets. One of which is the wires for the headlights, as well as the tow cables. I made them by taking three pieces of soldering wire, attach one end to a vice and the other to a dremel tool, I think it looks ok but I could have used smaller wire.

Thats all for now! Paint is imminent, I have a big project coming that needs to be finished by the end of September (for a competition) so I hope to start working on it around August!


*Work in Progress (Part 4)* Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I S33

After getting Eduard’s PE set in the mail this past week the Tiger is finally progressing, Photo etched parts are bout 80% complete, I just need to add a few small details and handles for tools and such, should be ready to go for paint in a few days. in general I’m really happy with where the build is going, especially the damaged side skirts and fenders. Not pictured is a metal antenna from RB model, which will probably be applied last.

I’m still plugging away on the Taisan Porsche, although right now i’m only focusing on the body. It’s got it’s first coat of paint and gloss coat although I still have to do 1-2 more coats of the gloss in preparation for the decals an polishing.

*Work in Progress (Part 3)* Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I S33

After starting the Fruilmodel tracks this past Friday I decided to power through the weekend to get them done by Monday, it took a while but they are finally complete! the only other metal tracks I have built were by Spade Ace models for a BMP-3 a while back, and I would say that they were quite similar to the Tiger tracks.

Each side has 94 links although I may add more after looking up more of my references (they may be a bit too tight). I also painted the road wheels a few days ago, so they are all complete. I wanted to work through this weekend so when I get more photo etched parts in this upcoming week I won’t have a backlog of tracks to complete before I get started.

all in all I am very happy with the progress of this build so far, the tracks add a very satisfying weight to the model.



*Work in Progress (Part 2)* Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I S33

Decided to post an update to the Tiger, not much has changed on the actual model, but I have revived some Aftermarket parts. I started building Fruilmodel’s metal tracks and their looking pretty good so far. finished about 60 so far out of 220 give or take total links.

I also got Alliance modelwork’s painting template for the markings, I didn’t want to risk a finish using decals that might not go down properly (looking at you Tamiya). the template is just a piece of very thin photo etched metal and it will be interesting to see how it works out. the set includes several markings for the Das Reich division including S33.

*Work in Progress (Part 1)* Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I S33

I recently decided to return to the world of armor. Having never built a Tiger I before I opted to finally get it off my bucket list. I wanted to represent Tiger S33 from the Das Reich division (2nd SS Panzer Division) which fought around the Kursk region in 1943.

I chose this Tiger because I liked the camouflage scheme and it is a fairly popular tiger with several photos of it online.

When It came to choosing  a kit I needed a Early variant with some modifications, the most notable one was the removal of the Feifel air filters. I chose Tamiya’s Early kit because it was cheap and I wanted to add a lot of aftermarket parts to it, and because it was the correct variant.  Speaking of aftermarket parts, I am adding Eduards general Photo etched set for the Tamiya kit as well as: Fruilmodel tracks, an RB model metal barrel, and 2 meter antenna. I have also ordered a Alliance modelworks metal template for the markings so no decals have to be used.

Here’s what I’ve done so far, unfortunately I don’t have any of the AM parts yet so my progress is slightly hampered. the grey in the mantlet is Mr. Surfacer, it is meant to represent stippling. I also had to filling quite of the holes as I won’t be needing a majority of them.

More photos to come soon!